CLEAN-UP GUIDELINES                                                                                                                


                 *****STUDENTS are eligible for COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS*****

 If you need a signature, please email Marian at

Please  gather at the table to check-in, get gloves and t-shirt.  After a very brief orientation, we will break into groups and head to our sites.  If you are part of a group, identify yourself at Check-In, and let Esther know how many folks are with you.  Esther, Marian, or Carrie can direct you to restrooms and help with any other needs. The site leads will have all equipment and extra supplies.  If you need something, please call Esther (240 398-7604) or Marian (301 775-1191)so we can get it to you.



CLEAR BAGS:  all plastic single use containers 

BLACK BAGS:  all other trash  

PLASTIC BUCKETS:  Hazardous materials (glass, sharps, etc) 

BULK TRASH:  pile as neatly as possible so it can be identified from a photo

TIE ALL BAGS securely so they can be weighed with hand scales.  

STACK ALL BAGS - clear bags in one pile, black bags in another arranged to be counted from photos  

TIRES should be stacked if possible

NO GLASS  in plastic bags

MATTRESSES - do not touch or try to remove

HAZ MAT (sharps, suspicious items) only pick up with grabbers

Resources and information for Volunteers


instructions for maintenance of new east bank grove south of Quincy Point:

clearing instructions

start location

limits of grove

instructions for removal of invasive species:

English Ivy

Japanese Clematis

seed source