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DAY OF SERVICE Activities  January 16th, 2023


on site contact:

Marian Dombroski

text  301 775 1191


Check-in at Gazebo near main office. If you arrive late, please walk down the trail, south from the caboose to find us. Look for the safety cone and 

beware of bikes and ice on trail!!


Mary and Jorge found a tree tie constricting a young tree.  A prize goes to the volunteer who finds and dispatches the tie.


beaver chew found near

Lower Beaverdam Creek

Maintenance of the BWP West Grove

Our work Monday continues the efforts of our partner groups to enhance the riparian area of the Anacostia River. Over the last 10 years, under the direction of the Anacostia Watershed Society, we have conducted many events in the BWP West Grove including the banks of Quincy Run. We will focus on the 300 trees planted by AWS north of the Bladensburg Wetland and west of the Riverwalk Trail.

View the video below for a full description of our work plan.

PURPOSE​:    maintain the health of young trees

  • secure wire cages to protect from vines, deer, and beavers - repair or replace damaged cages - reuse cages from dead trees.

  • remove ties and other objects constricting branches

  • remove vines within 6 feet of tree cages

  • collect brush in piles. do not remove from site 

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