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Bladensburg Waterfront Park

Quincy Point

Annapolis Road

Kenilworth Avenue



  1. Participants capped at 20. If you have not received confirmation of participation, please do not attend. Let's plan on an event in the spring. We will add you to contact list and be in touch for our next event.

  2. All participants must confirm that they are fever free and have not had contact with any person Covid positive.

  3. Time on site will be 9:30am and 12pm. Volunteers will leave the site promptly upon conclusion of work.

  4. Mayor James will speak briefly before work commences. Volunteers will gather at Quincy Point providing ample space between. Upon conclusion of Mayor James remarks the site lead will provide brief instructions. We will then move to our sites.

  5. No food on site.   

  6. All participants are required to wear masks at all times, putting them on immediately upon arrival at the Park. Masks may be pulled to the side to drink water. They must be secured immediately after.

  7. Participants must wash hands before and after the event.  

  8. All participants must maintain social distance of 6 feet minimum.

  9. No congregating during breaks.

  10. Work will be done in the woodlands on both sides of Quincy Run with 10 volunteers max assigned to each side.

  11. Tools, bags and gloves will be set out for each individual and returned to a central location by each individual.

  12. Only site leads will pick up tools to be collected upon conclusion of event.

  13. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available for all volunteers.

  14. Work zones will be marked at minimum 10 foot intervals. Bush honeysuckle to be removed will be tagged with marking paint. This is the only plant we will remove.  Go to link for specific instructions.

Thanks for serving our community and honoring the legacy of Dr. King.