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at BWP Ongoing

(self schedule)

Call to make arrangements for supplies

Marian 301 775 1191

Thanks for pitching in to keep our Park and River clean.

NOTE:   Clean-Up at BWP is self-guided.                   There will be no leader on site.

  • You may pick-up supplies in the boathouse - bins will be marked FQRW. 

  • Please follow Park safety protocols

  • Suggested sites appear on the map at right. Note that many are safely accessed by canoe only. 

  • To avoid duplication, indicate on the sign-in sheet where you will be working.

  • You may reserve a BWP canoe in advance . Tap image for link.

  • Collect single use containers in yellow bags. Everything else in blue bags. Count bags and  record quantity on sign-in sheet.

  • Place all bags in Park dumpster. Unfortunately, contaminated bottles cannot be recycled.

  • Let me know if you DO NOT WANT YOUR PICTURE POSTED ON AWS, FQRW or WRS website!!!!

sites OCT 2020.png
Earthday Tree Planting
Town of Bladensburg, Maryland
Friends of Quincy Run
Washington Rowing School

Tap the logo above to enter the registration page.


FOR ANYONE FEELING PARTICULARLY AMBITIOUS...there is plenty more trash to pick up past New York Ave. Look under fallen trees and in wetlands.

project partners:

Anacostia Watershed Society ~  Friends of Quincy Run ~  Washington Rowing School 


  • reusable water bottle

  • a buddy 

  • boots


  • gloves and bags

  • water for refils

  • community service hours

  • limited amount of shwag 


  • be safe

  • send pictures and comments

  • enjoy the river!

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