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DAY OF SERVICE Activities  January 17th, 2022



(check-in at left. staging area at right - beware of bikes on trail!!)

20220111_Jorge with caged tree.jpg

beware of ice on bridge and boardwalk

Tree Cages

Our primary activity will be constructing and installing tree cages for the newly planted trees along Quincy Run. We will do this as an assembly line:

  • 4 people cutting mesh min 5 ft (wire cutters, tape measure)

  • 2 people driving stakes - 1 per tree (mallet, starter pin, stakes)

  • 3 people clearing invasive vines (fire rakes and bags)

  • 2 people spreading hydroseed (on exposed soil)

  • 3 people per tree installing cages

20220111_caged tree.jpg

above: caged tree

above right: trees with wide branch spread need short cage

right: work stops at the sycamore

20220114_young river birch.jpg
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