HUGE THANKS to RainWorks Supporters

June 9, 2018

Friends of Quincy Run and Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek thank all the members of the RainWorks Team for their support of and participation in these 5 projects. 


   Supporters - Letters of endorsement: 

Ms Meg Kiernan, Community Forklift

Reverend Kevin Kennedy, Saint Ambrose Catholic Church

Ms Diane Cameron, Audubon Naturalist Society

Mr James Foster, Anacostia Watershed Society

Ms Mary Abe, Landscape Architect

Ms Diane Griffin and Ms Carlyncia Peck, B5 Initiative


   Property owners - helped develop steward the installations

Mr Bernard Smajda, owner Hillcrest Terrace Apartments

Ms Christine and Ms Garrine Laney, Bladensburg

Ms Sandra Tolson, Bladensburg

Ms Wymell and Mr Collis Shoats, Cheverly 

Mr Eric Kaika, Cheverly


  Professionals - advice and guidance:

Mr Mike Clar, PE

Ms Mary Abe, LArch

Dr. Christopher Puttock, Chesapeake Natives, Inc



Denchfield Nursery and Landscaping 

Yard By Yard Makeovers



Ferddy Portello, Foreman

Diane Cameron, mentor

Zoe Rosenblum, editor

Kevin Jeffery, chief motivator

Esther Rice, moderator

Wes Rosenblum, can't thank you enough


Special thanks to the Town of Cheverly for providing funding, expedited permitting, and to the Cheverly Department of Public Works for providing construction services.  We sincerely appreciate your support and willingness to participate in the Cheverly Projects, and look forward to future collaborations.



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