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A  Bladensburg Waterfront Park

B  WSSC Maintenance Facility

Bladensburg Neighborhood Park

D  50th Ave Storm Water Pond

Evergreen Cemetary

F  Cheverly Nature Park


If you don't mind getting muddy and REALLY want to get into the stream, this is the site for you.  Please pick up waders and make sure to wear rubber or plastic gloves under your work gloves. This section has very high, undercut stream banks.

  • please work in teams of two or three.  Throw bottles and pass large items to your partner on the stream banks.

  • stack bags below the access point to be passed up bucket brigade style.

  • test the depth with a stick before entering the water.  Some areas are QUITE DEEP. If you are not wearing waders, do not go in the water.

  • plan to have all bags and bulk items at trash pick-up stop by 11:45. Please return to the Check-In desk by noon.

52nd AVE FOOTBRIDGE: On the 25th Anniversary of the Anacostia Watershed Society, Friends of Quincy Run planted 25 river birch donated by our sponsors.  These trees live above one of the many springs which can be found along Quincy Run.  Every Earthday our volunteers tend the trees under the supervision of our Tree Steward. Careful pruning, invasives removal, and mulching will keep them healthy and doing their job - cleaning the air and water, and making a home for native birds and insects. 

  • If you would like to help with this work, it is recommended that you bring your favorite pruners.  We will have all other tools needed, as well as some pruners. It is recommended that you wear long sleeves and a hat.

  • We may have some wetland plants to add to the spring around the trees.

  • Please discuss plans with our tree steward before setting to work.

  • Work boots recommended. 

  • There is also trash in the stream under and around the footbridge, and a trash snag constricting the flow. Waders are required here.  Make sure to establish good footing.  If possible, please video the snag removal.  It will be nice to see the goo on top of the water clear out.

  • You will probably see many pedestrians at this location.  Please keep the sidewalk clear, greet passers by, and invite them to participate if they have time and interest.

  • Do not pick up trash on the west side of 52nd.  State Highway is responsible for this.  Traffic moves fast up this road and it is very dangerous for volunteers.  SHA uses flagmen and safety cones when they do clean-ups.  Please take care crossing this road.  


MONROE GARDENS:  The Tree Conservation area located behind the Public Playhouse, next door to the Monroe Gardens Apartments is plagued by illegal dumping and trash from the adjacent commercial areas. 

  • This area will not be muddy and some of the bulk trash will be quite heavy. 

  • There will also be trash in the stream.  Only work upstream - the downstream section is clogged with fallen trees and is hazardous. Boots or waders are necessary if you work in the stream.

  • there is a small ravine which carries water from the Public Playhouse to the stream.  This area always needs attention.  It is a priority since it leads directly to the main stem of the stream.


THE BIG PIPE:  One third of Quincy Run is piped under the Town of Cheverly.  The Big Pipe is the outfall from the storm drain system that conducts springs and run-off from  the town to the daylit section of the stream.  

  • Poison Ivy grows on the stream bank in this area.  Enter the stream only from marked access point, and make sure you recognize poison ivy.  Long sleeves and long pants should be worn at this site.

  • there is plenty of trash along the road and near the pipe outfall, and little in the stream itself.   Priority is the outfall area and roadside.  There is a pile of bulk trash on the south bank.  Please don't waste your time with this. I called this in to DPW&T.  Hopefully they will pick  it up before it gets company.  

  • A small path runs along the neighboring property leading to the pipe outfall.  Please respect the neighbors property.  Glass bottles and plastic bags find their way here from the near by liquor store.  Glass should be collected in buckets and transferred to paper yard bags at the pick-up site.  Do not place glass in plastic bags.   

Please post photos and send tweets using the event hashtag.

Let us know your reactions and observations, and please send me our pictures.  AWS loves to receive this information and will send out a follow up page to share with all the volunteers at the many sites thru out the Anacostia Watershed.

Esther at Check-In
Pat and Carrie at Check-In
Purnell prepares site
The Grove
Mayor James at rain garden
a neighbor helps out
MNCPPC pick-up
MNCPPC at Pond
leaking spring
Adam, Jim and River Heroes
52nd Ave Footbridge
Purnell prepares site
moving the spring
new grove
riverbirch inundated
river birch grove
Mayor James at rain garden
foot bridge
before path installation
Installing the path
box culvert at footbridge
Prep for permeable path
Rev Addison and CW Trina Brown
MNCPPC pick-up
leaking spring
beware of 52nd Ave
girls on goat path


Monroe Gardens
beaver dam at Monro Gardens
beaver dam - felled tree
Dianes geo find
animal tracks
near 55th Ave


Storm water pond site
trash brigade at SW Pond
steep bank haul
sisters at pond
volunteers from EPA join the effort
pond haul
outfall at Big Pipe
pipe outfall
pipe profile 3738




during rain event


flood stage


during rain event

50th Ave SW POND


POISON IVY can cause an uncomfortable rash.  Avoid contact with unprotected skin.  After working in the woods, take off gloves without touching the outside, put all clothes directly in the washing machine.  Rinse exposed areas with cold water and wash with grease cutting dish soap. Shower as soon as possible with laundry detergent - ovoid scrubbing or scratching the skin.  

The leaves of poison ivy are often red and shiny when they first emerge in early spring.  They can also be  green and soft like the leaves at right.  Even when the plant is dormant, contact with the roots causes a rash.  Large poison ivy roots have black hairs which bind them to tree bark.  Learn more about this and other poisonous plants by following the link accessed from the lightening bolt.

If you suspect contact with poison ivy, ask for a dab of Tecnu.

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