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What Can I do?


Friends of Quincy Run Watershed works with  many organizations engaging in public awareness, advocacy, community engagement.  We participate in activites and seek opportunities to plan and implement  projects which protect and restore water resources.  Listed here are links to a few the many groups working in our area for clean water.  We urge you to visit their websites, sign up for their action alerts, get involved in planning and zoning activities in your area, and work with your local government agencies to make our water safe and protect the health of our families and communities.

 A message from Natural Resources Defense Council


"Dirty water is the world's biggest health risk, and continues to threaten both quality of life and public health in the United States. When water from rain and melting snow runs off roofs and roads into our rivers, it picks up toxic chemicals, dirt, trash and disease-carrying organisms along the way. Many of our water resources also lack basic protections, making them vulnerable to pollution from factory farms, industrial plants, and activities like fracking. This can lead to drinking water contamination, habitat degradation and beach closures. NRDC is working to protect our water from pollution by drawing on existing protections in the Clean Water Act, and working to ensure that the law's pollution control programs apply to all important waterways; improving protections to reduce pollutants like bacteria and viruses, which threaten Americans' health and well being."





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