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In 1972, the US Congress passed the CLEAN WATER ACT, establishing our right to clean water - swimmable fishable waterways.   All waters of the United States are protected by that act, but it is taking too long to come to fruition.   Friends of Quincy Run Watershed joins the efforts of hundreds of groups working to protect and restore our waterways.   With Environmental site design, it is possible to build in a way that protects and improves the adjacent receiving waters.   Experts know how to make the positive changes that will help us achieve the promise of the Clean Water Act for our families and our communities. 

Our streams and natural areas could be healthy places to work and play.  It is time for us to take action, as many communities around the world have, and restore our waterways for the health and enjoyment of our communities.




At left are images of natural areas  rescued from pollution and degradation.  They have become much valued assets and sources of pride for their communities.  

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