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Take Back Our Natural Areas!!!!!    


One of the most effective ways to CLEAN WATER is to protect and enhance riparian areas -these are the wooded and undeveloped areas that surround our streams.  All our green spaces are important.  It takes 3 mature trees to produce enough oxygen to support one human being!  The natural areas in the Quincy Run Watershed are home to an amazing variety of plants and animals. Unfortunately, many of these are being damaged by illegal dumping, and overtaken by invasive plants.  These are things we can work to gether to correct.


People around the world are working to combat these problems, and to spread the word about the value and importance of natural areas.  Friends of Quincy Run hosts several events each year to remove trash, increase native plants, address erosion problems, and improve the health of our communities.   We must step up our efforts to remove invasive plants which are destroying our precious natural resources.   CONTACT US  if your group would like to participate in this effort. Friends of Quincy Run will help to plan and execute a project which is in line with your organization's mission.  Participants will earn COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS, and their projects will spread the word about your great works.  We would love to post details on our web page. Check out our PAST EVENTS page to see what other groups are doing.  Here are some suggestions for much needed projects:  

  • TAKE A HIKE - schedule a walk through one of our many natural areas.


  • WATERSHED AWARENESS - design and install stream markers

  • ADOPT A GROVE - steward a tree stand by removing invasives, keeping them away, and restoring the grove to health

  • EARN A MERIT BADGE - the United States EPA is in the process of developing a merit badge which includes CLEAN WATER activities.

  • CLEAN WATER CHAT - host a clean water speaker at your next meeting to learn more about your watershed, learn about improving the quailty of our rivers and streams, and find out what other folks are doing to claim our right to swimmable and fishable waterways.

  • HAVE SOME FUN!!! - plan an activity and enjoy the Anacostia

RAIN-CHECK House Calls                                                        contact us to schedule a site visit


             Got water problems?  

             Want to help clean up our waterways and improve our natural areas?


Findout how enhancements to your landscape  can adress these problems while adding value and

enhancing the appearance of your property.  The Prince George's County

Rain-Check Rebate Program offers financial incentives to install practices that manage rain water. 

Contact FQRW to arrange a site assessment with a Watershed Steward.  See the

Department of Environmental Resources website to find out how to take advantage of

the rebate program.       


B5 Initiative  -  Better Bladensburg Block By Block                                   

Friends of Quincy Run is a partner in the B5 initiative which connects citizens with resources to conserve energy and water resources while making improvements to their property.  FQRW believes that our mission directly supports the aims of the B5 Initiative. The natural environment of Bladensbug has been severely negatively impacted by development practices, transportation infrastructure and other public works. Our most important natural asset, the Anacostia River, has nearly been destroyed by development practices throughout the Anacostia Watershed. Port Towns Communities, while enjoying the greatest benefits of the river by way of our proximity, our heritage, and our history, also bear the brunt of degradation of natural resources and resulting compromise of the health of our communities.  Block by block, neighbor to neighbor, business by business we can foster the growth of Bladensburg into the healthy, beautiful and prosperous community we all seek.  Visit  for more information. 







Meeting of the Advisory Board 2018                                                                                 TBD 



                                                          Friends of Quincy Run Watershed invites all interested persons to attend the

                                                          quarterly meetings of the advisory board.  Phone in if you cannot attend in                                                             person.  Contact us with your comments, questions,  and suggestions.  We                                                             appreciate  and depend on the energy, guidance, and expertise of all our                                                                   advisors.


                                                                             Check back for more information.


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