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EARTH DAY 2023  

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Please provide your name, affiliation, email and phone number. Let us know how you heard about our event. You will receive a confirmation email from us.

  1. Due to safety considerations, no one under 10 will be allowed on the work site

  2. Wash hands before and after the event.  The Park has bathrooms.

  3. Register in advance and sign/bring waivers to the event. Click here for downloadable waiver.  Meet at the CABOOSE!

  4. Volunteers under 18 years of age must have permission of and be supervised by parent or guardian.

  5. Time on site will be 1:30pm and 4:30 pm. Participate as long as you are able. Please don't make yourself uncomfortable.

  6. Please bring refillable water bottle. No single use containers.

  7. Tools, bags and gloves will be set out and returned to a central location.

  8. DRESS FOR THE WEATHER! This is a rain or shine event.


  10. Parking and restrooms available at the Park.

  11. STUDENTS are eligible for COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS. Site Leads can sign forms and verify participation.

COMING SOON:  For more information about the project, tap the Earth Day Logo. We look forward to sharing this day with you.

Thanks for volunteering!

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