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Follow up to MLK DAY OF SERVICE   2017

This was a great event, fueled by  the efforts of 22 energetic participants.  Thanks to all of you, we cleared  some of the most pernicious invasive plants that plague our important woodlands.  This project also improved the security of this heavily traveled pedestrian route.  


This tireless group stayed past our stop time until the two test areas were cleared, card-boarded, and covered with woodchips.   This will smother the invasive vines.  Several of our volunteers attacked the ivy which is choking many of our woodlands.  When the group retired their shovels and clippers, the first and second row of trees at the wood edge were freed.  By spring, the dismembered vines remaining on the trees should be brown and falling to the ground.  These are the first steps necessary to heal our natural areas.

Special thanks to Town of Bladensburg and MNCPPC for co-sponsoring this event.

52nd Ave Footbridge
Footbridge after project
south side of Footbridge
Bradford Pear
Team hard at work
clearing ivy
volunteers armed and dangerous
weed wrenching and tree pruning
smothering the vines
loading chips
...and more chips
spreading the chips
Ranger Mike arrives
delivering the chips
golden gloves winner
landscape crew

52nd Ave Footbridge

between Quincy & Newton Bladensburg, MD


project partners:

Friends of Quincy Run ~ Town of Bladensburg  ~ MNCPPC  ~  Washington Rowing School  ~ Anacostia Watershed Society

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