We are so happy you are considering joining in celebration of the Clean Water Act  - landmark legislation instrumental in the recovery of the Anacostia River. This is a Rally and celebration - no cost, no registration, no waivers. We are responsible for our own safety and will take care to protect the safety of those around us. Participation by land or by river. Please consider all options and then begin to plan your adventure. Use our contact page with questions, requests, suggestions and offers of help. 
RoR CWA50-site map.png
Anacostia Community Boathouse
launch at 5pm
Bladensburg Waterfront Park
launch at 5pm
participating groups:
  • Friends of Quincy Run Watershed
  • Washington Rowing School
  • NCA Outriggers
  • Anacostia Riverkeeper
Rally Site- river.png
Traveling with a group is the safest and most fun way to participate. Consider listing your group or adding  contact information to this website - use the contact page for requests. Also, let us know if you would like to join a group.
safety considerations:
  • sunset: 6:39 pm  - moonrise: 6:22 pm (98% - Hunter's Moon Sunday) 
  • high tide: 7:41pm - check back for latest information regarding sandbars, travel patterns at bridges, and hazards
  • ​recommended at 2 or more participants per vessel.
  • coastguard requires a whistle and light when boating at night. This is also a good idea to for those traveling on foot, bicycle and tour boat.
  • turn your lights on when you launch so that they will be visible as the sun sets
Check back often.

COMING SOON.........