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Moss Run hosts a special visitor

Today, during a much needed rain fall, Deputy Director of the Prince George's County Department of the Environment made a 2 hour visit to Moss Run, our watershed neighbor to the north. Mr. Joe Gill and a Friend of Quincy Run entered the stream at the Phoenix Apartments in Bladensburg. Heavy flow made walking east through the rock and concrete channel toward the BW Parkway exciting. The visitors decided to save exploring the tunnel, which runs under the Parkway to Capital Plaza, for a dryer day. After a brief trip along the channelized stream segment which runs behind Bladen Shopping Center, next stop was the industrial park west of Kenilworth Ave. A quick hop across Annapolis Road broug

RAINWORKS: Gardener to the First Lady leads workshop

Today the Rainworks Team welcomed Dr. Christopher Puttock to our watersheds to lead a plant selection workshop. Chris, Executive Director of Chesapeake Natives, joined us for a tour of 7 of our project sites, advised us, recommended plants, and answered our many questions. We were very excited to find some native plants among the flora inhabiting our yards, including some very nice grasses and mosses in Eric's yard and a beautiful elm in Sara's. We were all concerned with the extent of English Ivy choking our trees and the forests of bamboo escaping from neighboring yards. The group agreed to work with the neighbors to eliminate these dangerous plants. After the tour we went back to my h