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End of Rain Tax becomes a good start for clean water

When Governor Hogan began his campaign to end the Rain Tax, the hearts of many clean water advocates dropped. All the progress gained from the 2012 suite of Clean Water legislation hung in the ballance, and a major threat to all the water bodies of Maryland reemerged. This all sprung from the misconceptions that arose when opponents of the Clean Water Fee refered to it with the pajorative and inacurate title "Rain Tax". Fortunately, those close to the development of this positive legislation renewed their efforts to keep Maryland on track to achieve swimmable and fishable waters by 2025. Watch the video from the Clean Water Rally held prior to the legislative session which revised the Maryland clean laws.

The new legislation passed both the House and the Senate. They await the signature of Governor Hogan. Here's a link to an article in the Baltimore sun which gives specifics:

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